soliloquy. speak alone. think aloud.

The understanding, wise human, deals with his feelings very differently. The photo series soliloquy has its focus on the feelings that are left entirely to the isolation of the self.

soliloquy. empathize. sympathize.

Those things are stuck deep in our subconscious. The conscious withhold of feelings. An everlasting fight with oneself. A destroyed, injured interior of the body isn’t visible to the outside. It is a duty to preserve composure, even if it rips you apart. 

soliloquy. black. white.

Blurring and movement visualize the impermanence and fragility of humans. Black stands for the immensity of the subconscious. White for the innocence of the appearance. Nothing is how it was, how it seems or how it will be.

soliloquy. alone. loud.